In 2012 and aged 18, we wanted to disrupt optical industry standards. In 2023, we continue this mission.It is not easy to break away from an industry monopolizing the global sunglasses market for more than 60 years. But, we found a way and have pulled it off. We often ask ourselves, why sunglasses are so expensive and only accessible via physical stores. As Spanish middle-class young adults, we couldn’t afford to buy sunglasses all the time. We wanted to turn this scenario around. First, we founded the widely recognized Northweek Sunglasses in Barcelona, in 2012. This recognition included founders, Alex and Hector, being listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe ranking. Later, we sold the business and joined Hawkers Group in 2017, creating the largest optical group in Europe by units sold.

In 2023, we created TWINYARDS, based in the United Arab Emirates with headquarters in Dubai. We have adapted the concept that we succeeded in Europe with to the Middle East. Offering a product of the highest quality, at a value-for-money price. Twinyards, is for everyone and for all ages. We are focused on individuals with lifestyles that are active, sporty and full of travel. Ready for the most extreme daily use—without compromising on style, of course. Why are they so loved? In a word, quality. Every time that someone opens a case of Twinyards, they can’t believe that we are offering this level of quality at this price.

You are going to notice that our frames are incredibly light, flexible and extremely comfortable while you wear them. As the frames are made of TR90, it makes them adapt perfectly to your face without any pressure. Lenses, the most vital part of sunglasses. We utilize the very best polarized polycarbonate to protect your eyes from 100% of the UV sun rays while offering a clarity that you haven’t seen before. For us, the brand is not the product. The product is the brand.